April 2018 Newsletter

Able To Play Music Academy Newsletter Vol. 1 • No. 4 • April 2018

Please Welcome Our New Percussion Instructor!

Tyler Briceno is a MSU Billings Graduate with a bachelors degree in Percussion and Performing Arts. He is currently pursuing his Masters Degree in Percussion and Education at Eastern Washington University where he has already been the front line instructor for the EWU marching band.

He has performed with musicians such as Wayne Bergeron (trumpeter of Family Guy, Incredibles), Katisse Buckingham (Anchorman Ron Burgundy), Nick Mancini (jazz composer), Joey De Leon (Pancho  Sanchez), Ron Blake (Green Day) and more.

If you or someone you know wants to take drum lessons, Tyler is now accepting new students.

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What goes down but never goes up?


New Theme Weeks!

Able to Play Music Academy will now be decorated with a different theme one week a month! The first week in May will be a Star Wars theme. Come dressed as a favorite character or share your favorite thing about Star Wars with us! May the Force be with you!

Never Give Up

Ludwig Van Beethoven

By Melodie Cannon

Beethoven’s career was nearly shattered when he discovered that he was quickly growing deaf. People began to lose hope in him, more than expecting his disability to be the end of his musical journey.

At first, Beethoven became depressed and even considered suicide. Despite this dark time in his life, a spark of hope ignited within him. He used this spark to rise above his fears and completely turn his life around.

You may be wondering what exactly Beethoven did. What was this life-changing spark?

Beethoven took ownership of his life, ignoring the negative comments others spout at him and what others expected him to do. He decided to prove people wrong and do exactly what they thought impossible.

Through dedication and determination, Beethoven continued to not only play music, but also compose more music despite his inability to hear what he was playing.

“Good, better, best. Never let it rest, ‘Til your good is better and your better is best.” — St. Jerome

Student of the Month

Congratulations Grace G!

What instrument do you play?

The piano!

Why did you choose to play this particular instrument?

I chose to play the piano because it sounds pretty.

What is your favorite song you’ve learned so far?

My favorite song to play so far is “Fight Song.”

What is your hobby, other than music?

I like to read chapter books such as Pickles the Fire Cat.

What is your favorite food?

Cupcakes with extra frosting and toys on top.

What is the coolest thing you’ve learned in your lessons during the past three months?

The song “I’ll Be There.”


Every month the students of Able To Play Music Academy have the opportunity of being featured as Student of the Month by logging the most practice days.

Pet of the Month


Amma is a four-year old Great Dane and Poodle Pointer mix with a huge love for people. Her bark and size tends to scare off the occasional jogger but the second you pet her she will love you for life.  Her favorite pastimes include hikes, playing in snow, and trying to be as close to you as possible, even if it’s on top of you.

Pet of Johanna W.

Want your pet featured? Send us an email at office@abletoplaymusic.com with photos of your pet and your favorite thing about them.

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Welcome to Our New Students!

Jeremiah C.

Abigail B.

Troy P.

Sophia M.

Edee M.

Ian C.

Judy W.

Lucas A.

Stephanie W.

Happy Birthday!

Reese C.

Xharlie W.

Kelly O.

Mel C


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May 3, 2018

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