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"At Able To Play Music, we love to inspire and teach students to play music with purpose, precision and passion in a way that lets their personality shine!"

- Patricia Bartell, Owner of Able To Play Music

See the results of our Piano Students

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Piano Achievement: Kelly

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Piano Achievement: Jack

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Before & After Results: Maya

[video_lightbox_youtube video_id="oc4DM8hJkFg" width="1280" height="720" anchor=""]Before & After Results: Johanna

See the results of our Accordion Students

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Accordion Achievement: Dale


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Before & After: Anthony

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Before & After Results: Holden

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Before & After Results: Naomi


Why choose Able To Play Music Studio?


Lessons are Fun

Lessons are meant to be fun. Learning should be an enjoyable process and not demanding or stressful.

Develop and Discover the freedom to play

Lessons are aimed to unlock the music inside our students giving them the ability to musically express early in the journey.   Discovering how to communicate with music starts from the beginning – not years down the road.

Build Confidence

Our teachers enable you to produce results at an accelerated rate with our Hetibu method giving you that extra boost of confidence!

Be inspired and motivated

Because we use a natural approach to learning and apply in lessons the science of how the brain operates, you will easily and quickly be playing real music.

Feel encouraged

Understanding how the brain operates gives our teachers unique insight that helps them specifically structure our curriculum to keep you from hitting common road blocks in music.


What students say about Able To Play Music Studio















Why Our Students are Successful

Our Hetibu method offers fun and effective tools in five different areas

giving everyone the chance to succeed in every aspect of music. 


The two elements that often cause students to fail in music lessons are reading and rhythm.

10% of students understand reading and rhythm and we call them “talented.”

90% struggle with every note, causing them to feel like a failure.


It’s not about “talent.”


It’s about “developed skill.”


"Skill” that is taught according to how our brain processes  information
changes the success rate so everyone becomes “talented” and successful. 




The 5 Elements of Our Hetibu Method

Optimized for Success




#1 The Science of Learning

Our teachers are trained to apply what scientific research and brain studies has unlocked for optimized learning strategies.  Once applied, each student learns at an accelerated rate giving them rewards that motivate them to want more!


#2 Our Unique Reading Program

90% of students feel extremely frustrated when it comes to reading music.   Patricia Bartell developed this program after seeing so many students hit the famous music wall trying to read and play according to traditional methods. This program is the game changer.


#3 Our Super B.B. Rhythm System

In addition to reading music - traditional music requires the mathematic approach to learning rhythm.  Asking students to do fractions in music at a rapid pace, when math itself is a challenge, only leads to discouragement.  With our Super B.B. Rhythm System, precision and success is 100%.


#4 Incorporates with famous Australian program: Simply Music

Our beginning students leave their first lessons with the ability to play complete  songs with both hands.  Playing sophisticated music from the beginning using Simply Music's brilliant program brings high motivation and excitement for learning music.


#5 The Art of Communication through Music

Without this important element, students are left with only the mechanics of playing.  At Able To Play Music, every student learns how to effectively communicate with purpose and passion through their music.  This connection is as vital to music as breathing is to life.






From the Parents







About the Enrollment Process

Each 30 min lesson is $25 (lessons are prepaid for the month)

Annual Registration Fee: $25

4 Lessons + Registration Fee = $125


Step 1: Choose your Enrollment Option below

Step 2: Complete the Registration process

Step 3: Wait for us to call to schedule your lesson(s)




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100% Money Back Guarantee

ATPM Guarantee Label

We provide fun and professional accordion and piano lessons.

If you're not fully satisfied and excited about your new lessons

after your first session, we will give you a full 100% refund.


The FAQ Section


Are your teachers reliable and trustworthy?

The staff and instructors are professionalreliable and can be trusted.  This ensures that everyone is properly attended to.  You can have the peace of mind during your time at Able To Play Music studio knowing we look out for each and every student. 


Are your teachers patient?

Yes! Having patient teachers give you the freedom to gain the knowledge and skills that you need at your own pace, without feeling any guilt, shame, or awkwardness. You'll feel comfortable working towards your goals so that you achieve your desired outcome. 

Do you offer Performance Opportunities?

We provide multiple (optional) performance opportunities throughout the year to allow students to inspire and be inspired by others.  


Is your Studio a Family-Friendly Environment?

The Able To Play Music environment is family-friendly based and highly professional.  We care about each individual student to ensure everyone feels welcome and comfortable.  Our students are family to us and will get the royal treatment. 



Do you give Skype lessons for students not in Spokane, WA?

We do offer Skype lessons.  One-third of our students take lessons via Skype from all over the world and are able to achieve the same results as our students do in the studio.  



I get nervous easily - will I feel comfortable?

To excel in your musical journey, our teachers provide a stress-free zone to help you immerse yourself in your music giving you room to focus and enjoy your lessons without demands that would trigger anxiety.


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