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Team Patricia


"At Able To Play Music, we love to inspire and teach students to play music with purpose, precision and passion in a way that lets their personality shine!"

- Patricia Bartell, Owner of Able To Play Music

Piano Lessons That Are Fun!

Students laughing and having fun is an important part of music lessons at Able To Play Music.  As students make quick progress, they are motivated to learn and continue playing music for their entire life.  

Our Hetibu method offers fun and effective tools in five different areas giving every student the chance to succeed in every aspect of music.

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Piano Lessons in Spokane Washington

Accordion Lessons in Spokane Washington

Accordion Lessons That Make Students Smile!

Using a natural & non-traditional approach to learning the accordion gives every student immediate results so they feel like true musicians from the beginning.  

Left-brain students approach music differently than right-brained students.  With our Hetibu method, we are able to help students learn quickly with language that they understand!

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