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For Homeschoolers Only



A Summer Music Camp for Homeschoolers!

We are here to support the great work you are
already doing as a homeschooling parent.


Able To Play Music Academy of Spokane loves and supports homeschoolers. Three of our employees, including the owner Patricia Bartell, were homeschooled. We understand, from personal experience, the family values and care that parents take into consideration when choosing an environment for their children to learn in.  Our teachers make it a priority to make music learning fun and create a positive environment so that every student will develop a love for music.


Music Immersion Summer Camp for Homeschoolers will allow like-minded parents to have a chance to connect and it will give their kids an opportunity to make new friends and learn music with other homeschool children their age. Because Patricia Bartell was homeschooled and understands the immense value homeschooling brings, she and her teaching staff at Able To Play Music Academy will be holding a Summer Music Camp just for homeschoolers.


The camp is a 5-day event for July 9-13, 2018 from 9AM-12PM.  This will be for students ages 7-14 who want to discover and experience learning music.


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Your child will:


🎵 Be confident with the basics of music

🎵 Expand their musicianship skills

🎵 Be immersed in rhythm through games and full interaction in small groups

🎵 Understand the note-reading process through fun activities

🎵 Experience immediate results with piano, drums, guitar, and accordion

🎵 Work in teams and perform as a band

🎵 Develop a love for music

🎵 Leave camp with new friends 


The final day of the camp, the homeschool students will put on a mini-concert for their parents and family to showcase what they have learned.



5-DAY SUMMER MUSIC CAMP for Homeschoolers
Date: July 9-13, 2018 • Monday – Friday • 9am-12pm
Location: Able To Play Music Academy • 418 E Pacific Ave • Spokane WA 99202
For students ages 7-14, No prior music experience required.
Price per student: $125
Spots available: 18



Regular cost for this 5-day camp is $200.  But our homeschool price for the 5-day camp is $125.

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The camp will be limited to the first 18 students.



Spokane Music Lessons

Spokane Music Lessons


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From our Customers

“The method used by Able to Play Music Academy has been so encouraging. I had assumed that piano lessons would be much more stressful than they have been. Able to Play Music Academy has made learning music fundamentals natural and stress-free.”     ~Joshua Miller


“All the instructors at the academy are awesome! They make you feel welcome and very much ‘at home;’ it’s a comfortable, caring environment. No matter what your age, if you really want to learn how to play piano, this is the place to go.”    
~Kelly Osborn 


“Absolutely best place to get piano lessons.  I wish our older kids had this type of program when learning piano.  They would have learned better and liked it more.”  ~ Jeanette Dutton


“My favorite part of my lessons is the speed in which I’m learning to play. I could play a song the very first week, and add something every lesson”    ~Kelly Corson 


“I have found their program to be the perfect tool to teach my young granddaughters how to play and enjoy music in a relatively short period of time.”  ~ Deb Thrash


“Able To Play Music Academy is a great place to learn because they teach you in a manner that will help you learn to play. They don’t teach generically so that you have to conform to the teaching methods, but rather the instruction is tailored to your needs.”  ~Ricardo Hernández

“Great people, sincerely involved in spreading joy through the music.” ~ Sally Hetland




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