March 2018 Newsletter

Able To Play Music Academy Newsletter Vol. 1 • No. 3 • March 2018

Grayson Masefield Concert!

You are invited to a one night only concert by 7x World Accordion Champion Grayson Masefield from New Zealand.  You’ll hear Chopin, Bach and modern music that isn’t typically heard on accordion.  Grayson’s virtuosic technique and impeccable artistry is breath-taking.

Friday, March 23, 7:00 PM at Able To Play Music Academy

$20 at the door or purchase in advance at the front office.

The ‘Read Your Newsletter’ Contest

Every month you’ll have a chance to win a fun prize just for reading the newsletter! This month when you come in for your lesson, tell us what movie inspired our Student of the Month to play the accordion!

 How To Live and Breathe Like an Olympian 

By Melodie Cannon

Watching the Olympic games is something I’ve just recently learned to appreciate. There was a time when I would watch all the amazingly talented athletes and envy that I could never be like them. I could never be capable enough to be that exceptional at anything. I could never even dream of doing anything remotely close to the level of an Olympian.

Change Your Mindset

Olympians must have an optimistic perspective in order to have the passion and motivation to continue pushing towards their goals. There must be an understanding that when something doesn’t go right that does not mean that you have failed. Challenges in life should not be thought of as opportunities to fail but open doors to succeed and grow.

Learn From Your Mistakes

In connection to changing your mindset to a growth mindset, you must also learn from your mistakes. Quickly learn the lesson your mistake is trying to tell you. Then use it to help you move forward. This concept is related to how ice-skaters can pick themselves up from a fall and keep going as if nothing happened. Making the mistake is not the issue. What really matters is how you react to or handle the mistake.

Put Your Mind on Auto-Pilot

Often when we want to perform something perfectly, we will mess up because we are over-thinking every detail that needs to happen. In one way, this may seem like a positive thing. Yet, in reality, we just need to turn off our brain and let our bodies go on autopilot. Deep down, it knows what it’s supposed to do. When we are in practice mode, that is when we can analyze what we are doing and about what needs to be done.

Respect Your Inner Voice

A habit many of us are guilty of on a daily basis is talking negatively about ourselves when something doesn’t go right. We need to pay attention to that voice and turn that negativity into encouragement and uplifting words. If your words were coming from someone else’s mouth, what would you think? Would they be encouraging? Offensive? Sensible? We need to be our own cheerleader.

Find Your Dream Team

Did you know that it is not a sign of weakness to ask someone with more knowledge for help? In fact, seeking more wisdom and insight on something is a sign of strength and integrity. Everyone should have at least a handful of people in their life whom they can look up to, think of, follow and ask to help them grow. Finding a support group is crucial to helping you stay motivated to continue growing.

So now I challenge you to pick up your new toolbox and start building your new and improved life—breathing and living like an Olympian.

Student of the Month

Congratulations Jack Lynch!

What instrument do you play? I play piano accordion.

Why did you choose to play this particular instrument? I got inspired to play the accordion while watching the animated movie Tangled and seeing a character play the accordion in a jail-cell.

What is your favorite song you’ve learned so far? Dark Eyes.

What is your hobby, other than music? I like to read and draw.

What is your favorite food? Italian!

What is the coolest thing you’ve learned in your lessons during the past three months? I really enjoyed learning everything about dynamics.

Every month the students of Able To Play Music Academy have the opportunity of being featured as Student of the Month by logging the most practice days.

Pet of the Month



Puddles is a thirteen-year old Maltese and Shih Tzu mix. He has lived with his mother, Lulu, since he was born. Puddles was adopted in 2016 by his new family when his former owner became ill and was no longer able to care for him. Since his adoption, Puddles has gained confidence and has become more playful and independent. His new family loves him more each day and are blessed to have him in their lives.

Pet of Kingston B.

Want your pet featured? Send us an email at with photos of your pet and your favorite thing about them.

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Kallin V.

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May 3, 2018

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