June 2018 Newsletter

Able To Play Music Academy Newsletter Vol. 1 • No. 6 • June 2018

Summer Recital 2018

Saturday, July 28th, 2018

Talk to your teacher to sign-up!



Let’s Have Some Fun!

Upcoming Themed Month

The next Themed Month will begin the first week of July. This time around the theme will be Stars and Stripes in honor of the 4th of July.

Feel free to come dressed up according to the theme at any time during the month.


The ‘Read Your Newsletter’ Contest

Every month you’ll have a chance to win a fun prize just for reading the newsletter! This month ask your teacher what their favorite color is. Then write the answer and your name on the piece of paper on the front desk.




Welcome to Our New Students!

Amira T.

Rya M.

Penelope Z.

Emma O.

Libby O.

Ashok M.

Steven K.

Shelby T.



Happy Birthday!

Roman I.
Alex E.
Edee M.
Christina G.
Elliot S.
Joshua M.
Megan S.
Boris S.
Stephanie W.
Amira T.


Let’s Learn Something New

Simple Life Hack

Sew together red, white and blue bandanas to create a patriotic tablecloth or pillowcase to decorate for 4th of July.

Did You Know?

1. The 4th of July was not considered a holiday until 1938.

2. Fireworks were invented 2000 years ago by the Chinese. Colorful fireworks were invented by the Italians.

3. Blue fireworks are the hardest to produce, which is why blue colored fireworks are not as vivid as other colors.

Joke Of The Month

What type of tea did the American colonists fight for?

Answer:  Liber-tea

Quote Of The Month

“Every dream begins with a dreamer.

Always remember, you have within you the strength,

the patience and the passion

to reach for the stars to change the world.”

— Harriet Tubman


Student of the Month

Congratulations Kingston!


What instrument(s) do you play? I play the piano.

Why did you choose to play this particular instrument? I chose the piano because it’s a very versatile instrument and I like the way it sounds.

What is your favorite song you’ve learned so far? My favorite song that I’ve learned so far is Fur Elise.

What is the coolest thing you’ve learned in your lessons during the past three months? The coolest things I’ve learned over the past three months is how to play songs.

Do you have any performances coming up? I have a recital performance coming up on July 28th, two days after my eleventh birthday.

What are your hobbies, other than music? My hobbies other than playing music are martial arts, playing soccer, drawing and gaming.

What is your favorite food? My favorite food is white cheddar popcorn.


Every month the students of Able To Play Music Academy have the opportunity

of being featured as Student of the Month by logging the most practice days.


Pet of the Month


Jasmine is a five-month old parakeet. She has been with us for 18 days and has been having a great time so far. She likes to sit on my arm while I play the accordion.

Pet of Lucas A.


Want your pet featured? Send us an email at office@abletoplaymusic.com with photos of your pet and your favorite thing about them.


We LOVE Referrals!

We love them so much we’ll give you and a friend a FREE lesson!

Refer a friend to Able To Play Music Academy and give them this newsletter which will pay for their first lesson! ($25.00 value)

Put your name here: __________________________________________ to get a $67.50 lesson credit the month after your friend enrolls in lessons.

Valid for 30 days after 6/16/2018.


Lessons Available at

Able To Play Music Academy


Piano Accordion Lessons

Chromatic Accordion Lessons

Piano Lessons

Flute Lessons

Guitar Lessons

Drum Lessons

Classical Guitar Lessons

Electric Guitar Lessons

Bass Lessons

Ukulele Lessons

Voice Lessons



Summer at the Academy


Summer is just around the corner! Since consistency is key to learning, the Academy will continue to serve all students during the summer months.

Various activities are planned such as our annual Summer Recital in July, our Summer Music Camps, and the continuation of our Themed Months.


Benefits of Continuing Lessons Through the Summer

1. Students won’t forget or lose what they have worked so hard to learn. Often, when students return after having a summer break from lessons, they quickly become discouraged and frustrated because a lot of their hard-earned work was lost due to not practicing or maintaining growth.

2. The Academy is flexible when it comes to scheduling through the summer. We understand all the busy scheduling of summer events so if you cannot make it to your current time-slot during the summer, we will do our best to work with you.

3. Once Fall comes around, lessons are first come first serve. All students continuing lessons through the summer months have priority for the Fall scheduling with their same teacher. Please note: with the Academy growing it will be difficult to guarantee certain time slots with certain teachers for returning students in the Fall.

4. We will offer two Masterclasses a month during the Summer to make-up any missed lessons so everyone has a chance to keep the momentum going!



Total immersion into a subject, with a teacher and a group of friends, is the quickest way to learn anything! The Academy is offering two summer music camps this year! Click here for more information and/or to register. (Summer camp includes beginning lessons on the drums, piano, guitar & accordion.)



September 28, 2018

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