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Able To Play Music Academy Newsletter Vol. 1 • No. 2 • February 2018

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 What’s Your Learning Style? 

By Kindra Joan

Everyone learns differently. If we all were the same, then life would be far less interesting. You’ve probably heard that there are different types of learners and maybe even said, “Oh, I’m a visual learner,” or something along those lines. If we break down the different types of learning styles you may learn something new about yourself. I know I did! There are five main types of learners: visual, logical, aural, verbal and physical.

Visual learning is when ideas, concepts, data and information are remembered through association with pictures or images in your head. If you are this type of learner you may learn things better by seeing photos and watching videos than listening to a lecture. (If you are this type of learner, you have free reign to watch all the educational TV shows you want. You have an amazing excuse!)

Logical learners are also called Logical-Mathematical learners. If you’re really good at math, this is probably your learning type. Logical learners quickly recognize patterns, calculate numbers and are very good thinkers. And FUN FACT: people who are good at math are generally pretty good at music. So wear that badge proudly!

Aural learners do their best learning by listening. If you’re this type of learner, you can probably listen to a song a couple of times on the radio and figure it out pretty quickly on your musical instrument. You may even do very well in accompanying other musicians last minute. If you learn like this, be prepared to have others wish they could pick up songs as fast as you.

Verbal learners do really well when people explain things to them. So if you understand someone explaining something in detail, you are probably a verbal learner. Learning stuff on your own could be a challenge. If you are a verbal learner then you also love reading and writing, and you love to sing even if you aren’t very good at it. (But hey, everyone sings in the shower … right?)

The last type of learner is the physical learner. These learners do best when actually touching something or using their bodies. If you’re this type of learner, you need to actually do something physically, like play what is asked on your instrument, to fully understand it. You may also like to be moving when you think or ponder. So instead of sitting in a chair at home, you may prefer to go on a walk or jog while you think and work out problems.

Everybody learns differently. There is no right or wrong, better or worse way. Have fun discovering which way you learn best! Hopefully after you figure out what type of learner you are, you will be able to apply that knowledge to learn things more quickly and easily. Finding out how you learn best could help in ways beyond understanding music because we’re always learning, no matter what we’re doing!

Student of the Month

Congratulations Lynn Dwyer!

What instrument(s) do you play? Accordion.

How long have you taken lessons? Five years. Two and a half with a group, two and a half in private lessons.

Who are your favorite musical artists? I like the classics, Mozart, Bach. Simon and Garfunkle.

What are your other hobbies besides music? Origami.

What is your favorite food? I like ethnic foods: Asian, Italian, French, Mexican. Anything but cilantro — blech.

What is the coolest thing you’ve learned in your lessons during the past three months? Learning ensemble pieces — last fall was the first time I played accordion with a group.

Do you have any performances coming up? We will see …

Every month the students of Able To Play Music Academy have the opportunity of being featured as Student of the Month by logging the most practice days.

Pet of the Month

Isabella Rosé!

Isabella Rosé, a King Charles Cavalier, happens to be the official mascot of Able To Play Music Academy. She owns Patricia Bartell and has a full staff that waits on her. A true royal dog.

She loves to play with her brother Perry the cat. And she has been caught on camera dancing in the snow.  She gives people kisses on the back of their hand and has learned how to give hugs. So if you see Isabella at the Academy and need a hug from her – just ask. 🙂   

Want your pet featured? Send us an email at office@abletoplaymusic.com with photos of your pet and your favorite thing about them.

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February 20, 2018

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